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Your cooperation in the volunteer program depends on time and reserve in which you want help. In general you can take care of:

  • Food preparation.
  • Cleaning, repair and maintenance of premises.
  • Construction of new premises for the expansion and development of Misahualli Wildlife Center.
  • Construction of marked trails in an area of ​​15 hectares, construction of trails around the lake Paicawe.
  • The planting of medicinal plants, trees, etc. (The transfer is done only by canoe paddle).
  • Care variety of animals.

Shifts for cleaning dishes, cooking and food prepración will be the way that everyone has the opportunity to help.
You can participate in observation projects where we encourage volunteers to observe and take notes of the behavior of animals and birds. The animals and birds are free in their natural habitat (not in captivity).
Volunteer time: Minimum: 2 weeks - Maximum: 12 weeks (3 months). Visa is required if you are a foreigner and want to stay more than 90 days in Ecuador.
Working hours are Monday to Friday from 8h00 am. Saturday volunteers work about two hours to clean the house and the kitchen, feeding the animals, ending around 10h30 am. Activity time is 8 hours a day / 22 days with eight days of leave per month.
In your free time you can take a nice walk around and learn about life here, including learning Spanish and / or Quechua, make tubing because we are very close to the Napo River.
     Includes: Three meals a day, stay in the reserves, coordination and support in the different activities.
     Recommendation: Come with cash, an average of 20 USD (US Dollars) per week (in small denominations of 5 USD or less) to cover additional expenses                                              such as extra drinks, visits to communities, cyber. You can visit our FAQ for more recommendations.
         1 week 100 USD
         2 weeks 190 USD
         3 weeks 280 USD
         4 weeks (or every month) 350 USD


The Volunteer Program offers an experience in the jungle with activities centered in a bast kind of activities and areas: reforestation, environmental education, community service, plant conservation, the agro floristing, the field data collection and maintenance of the reserves. The volunteers carry out their work under the supervision of residential staff, environmental education instructors and administrative staff of the reserves.

Misahualli Wildlife Center is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon province of Napo (Misahualli parish), where the Andes and the Amazon merge to form one of the most biodiverse places in the world. The Center is maintained by the hard work and financial support of volunteers from around the world.

We receive volunteers throughout the year but asked to come or Sunday afternoon (about evening) or Monday morning.