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The giant and hard mountains of Ecuador, bring to life to a hunreds of rivers that fleuw to the east and west.
 Estos se abren paso entre espectaculares gargantas, cañones, valles y selvas dejando atrás kilómetros de emocionantes rápidos de talla mundial. En Ecuador nacen los afluyentes del río Amazonas por lo cual existe una de las más altas concentraciones de ríos por kilómetro cuadrado en el mundo. A eso hay que sumarle aguas tropicales calientes, flujos anuales, excelente accesibilidad y una oportunidad para remar a través de la selva Amazónica. Con todo esto se puede decir que en el Ecuador existe el mejor escenario mundial para practicar Rafting y Kayaking:


Cordillera Oriental (Amazon Rivers) .- The rivers born in the eastern mountain range and descend into the Amazon, are generally large and usually have more water than the rivers of the western mountain range. In addition to the exceptional fast at their disposal, also provide the opportunity to experience the fabulous Amazon rainforest and the pace of life of its native people. In the middle of the rapids it is possible to observe Quichua indigenous groups on their daily habits.
Upper Napo (Class III) .- ¡High waves and pure fun! In almost every way, this is perfect for river rafting. It has the perfect combination of challenging rapids, fords and a lush jungle setting. Because this river is one of the two largest tributaries of the Amazon, the presence of abundant water is guaranteed. From the months of March through August is usually the Upper Napo in its full splendor with a stable medium-high flow. The tour consists of a tour of one day with 25 kilometers of rafting and just one hour round trip from Tena.

Tips for a safe trip:
Water is essential to have fun on a rafting trip element. No matter how great (or horrible) are around, if the river has good water level, the trip will be fun. Extremely high levels can be dangerous, and too low will be boring and one may end up loading the boat over the rocks that should originally be submerged. We must seriously consider the time for crossings so the best advice is to ask the operators about water levels. There are other best rafting rivers in Ecuador, although the tours are not as common. These are: The Anzu River, Quijos and Upano.


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Misahualli's river (Class IV and IV +) .- Known as the Misahualli Experience. This is the most challenging rafting tour which can be found in Ecuador. It has large class IV rapids, and is located in a deep and majestic canyon surrounded by virgin forest. The tour involves tackling a challenging gorge filled with class IV rapids, leading to the raft around a spectacular waterfall of 15 meters high, then one must go through the "Land of the Giants", the largest fast throughout Ecuador. This river can only be navigated from mid-October to mid-March in a normal year. During other times of year, the river is too drafty to be sailed. It's a great day experience for people with a good physical condition.
Rafting tours can be easily combined with a variety of jungle tours that can last from 1-5 days. The travel time from Quito is approximately 4 hours to the Amazon city of Tena, which usually initiate most excursions.

Jatun Yacu River rafting (rapids class III - III +) .- long a rafting boat: 3 hours 30. This great rafting adventure begins in the city of Tena where we leave the parish of Cando industry via Talag nestled in the foothills Llanganates National Park, mountains where the river is born. After our guides have prepared the team and after receiving important safety began our adventure. During the tour we will have fast, natural pools and waterfalls, we can also visit a Quichua family and relish the Amazon drink is chicha, cinnamon or wayusa, etc.  At the middle of the trip we will have a delicious lunch outdoors the river's shore. After lunch we continue with faster and adventure. At the last part of the journey the Jatunyacu river meets the Anzu river to form the Rio Napo. Our trip ended in Puerto Napo, a small town near the Napo river. From here return to Tena.
- Includes: Transportation, specialized guides for each activity, detailed food, rafting equipment.
- Not included: Extra food or extra drinks, extra charges while traveling on the road.

- What to bring: Clothing for rafting (shorts, shirt, water shoes), sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottle, camera.