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Misahualli Wildlife Center, Jungle lodge, began his project in 2006 with the dream I had. Passionate guide of Amazonia and birds, the passion of my family and mine by tourism led us to create a center of concervacion of flora and fauna in Misahualli, offering lodging and adventure tours for all tastes and possibilities. Through the facilities of the Lodge, the Paikawe Lagoon and Gareno (reserve Huaorani) we offer the best and most complete tourist services in the South American Amazon. (Virtual Tour)
Misahualli Wildlife Center provides unique experiences! We offer exceptional services and detailed tours that make a difference, to have a great vacation, unique in their life. Tours programs are designed primarily depending on the needs of turitas. (Frequent questions)
Misahualli Wildlife Center has a strong commitment to the environment, by emphasizing sustainability and community tourism makes a difference by supporting local initiatives in the areas in which it operates. (Volunteer Program)
Misahualli Wildlife Center staff is trained to provide the best service to make your stay unforgettable, consisting of qualified native guides and members of different cultures and nationalities as Quichua, Huaorani, Spanish, English. These human resources understand your customers at all levels, no matter where they come, they are always willing to comunicacrse and know what to look for and how they can serve in the best way possible.
Providing a unique experience to national and international tourists in the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Maintain and develop tourism in Misahualli and the Ecuadorian jungle.
Strengthen community tourism in Misahualli with the Huaorani Indians.




Rodolfo Aguinda Rivadeneyra
Executive Director Misahualli Wildlife Center
Napo - Tena - Misahualli, Ecuador Amazon