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Misahualli Wildlife Center, Ecolodge, and Laguna Paicawe (our lake) is located in the Napo River and Misahualli River area in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. We are a joint ecotourism initiative between the Kichwa and Huaorani indigenous communities and the Gareno lodge chain.  It was created in 2000 with the purpose of fostering community work and strengthening the social development through ecotourism and sustainable tourism practices for the benefit of the people, environment and economy of our host communities.
Misahualli wild life center and The Huaorani Camp are an attractive ecological place, created for those who love to live in harmony with nature.

The Misahualli Wildlife Center Reserve  is  of primary tropical jungle . With it richness in species and diverse ecosystems,  Misahualli Wildlife Center is an extraordinary place for Ecotourists and nature lovers.