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a) What equipment I should bring?

1. Insect repellent: The jungle is home of aggressive mosquito. Its a good idea to protect yourself by using insect repellent both day and night.

2. Sun protection: A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are needed for a trip to the jungle. Sun protection is important if you're going for a ride in a boat on the river, or you'll be out in the sun without shade.

3. A portable flashlight: Spend a night in the jungle, it is an unforgettable experience and some parts of the jungle does not have much ligth, so pack a portable flashlight to see.

4. Cotton Clothes: Cotton help keep your body cool during the hot and humid days. Also, try to wear light-colored clothing because dark colors attract mosquitoes. For every day you're in the jungle wearing a pair of socks and underwear.

5. Plastic bag or waterproof bag: A plastic bag will be very useful to carry your passport, tickets and your phone when riding in a canoe.

6. A waterproof: Pack a waterproof and can avoid many long hours of travel with wet clothes.

7. Cash (US Dollars): It is particularly difficult to find out a place to change your money in the jungle. If you plan to visit remote villages, you know that it will be difficult to change your credit card, debit card or money of other countries.

8. Long pants: The jungle is hot and humid during the day, so most people used to feel fresh shorts. But if you're doing a tour on the raining forest, it is advisable to wear long pants, because mosquitoes are making it harder to sting you.


b) What is the climate in Puerto Misahualli?
Misahualli Wildlife Center is located in the rainforest of the Ecuadorian Amazon, which is characterized by rains of 3000-4000 mm3 and a humidity of 85% to 95% per year. From December to March the weather is wet - dry, as the rainy season is from April to July. From August to November rains are moderate. The temperature varies between 77 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius).


c) How do I get to Misahualli Wildlife Center?
Review the information on "How to get" to our facilities, click here


d) What other places or activities can perform near Misahualli Wildlife Center?

In Puerto Misahualli you can take a ride in a boat by the Napo river, admire to the famous Capuchinos monkeys of Puerto Misahualli's central park, view  to native holding an anaconda and take a picture with they wille you are holding it, gold washing, buy some handycrafts, ver espectáculos tradicionales and enjoy delicious gastronomy. Our guides will be glad to inform you about those activities and help you to choose the better option you and your partners.

If you wanna travel out of Puerto Misahualli or have some options in the way to Puerto Misahualli you can visit the Caverns of Jumandy,  several waterfalls, the Blue Lagoon inthe sector of Talag (Tena). You can go to the sierra region of Ecuador and visit the city of Baños de Agua Santa, or if you will return to Quito you can enjoy the hot springs in Papallacta and visit the National Park Antisana.