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For the convenience of our clients we have:

  • Rooms (double, triple bunk) with capacity for 24 people (private bathroom in each room)
  • Restaurant (Meals included depending on the program).
  • Wifi.
  • Green and social areas.
  • Private parking.


* Misahualli Wildlife Center (Lodge) and Paikawe Lagoon are part of an ecological reserve. Paikawe Lagoon consists of two islands, there dwelling monkeys, birds and fish of different specuies that can be observed simply mounted in a canoe and move around the islands. The animals are free and released.

* Gareno is a community of the Huaorani civilization this place is special for watching birds and mammals because it has a very large reserve that borders the Yasuni National Park. At the same time this reserve hosted the Huaorani, known for their way of life by not wearing Western clothing, methods of survival in the forest jungle, use of ancient weapons, etc .. By the influence of the oil companies and the global life style they are changing their habits, but the elders are trying to raise awareness and maintain their traditions and culture.

Through the facilities of Misahualli Wildlife Center, as the Lodge, Paikawe Lagoon and Gareno (Huaorani community), we offer the best and most complete tourist services in the Amazon of South America:

Check the programs and activities we offer in each of these great spaces.